Is selling your home stressful? So many what-ifs?  How do you choose the right agent? How much is your property worth?
Take the Real Estate stress out of your mix, enjoy your selling experience with PYNC Real Estate and
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Tailored Packaging

We pride ourselves on providing you a new benchmark in Customer Satisfaction for Real Estate Services, with our complete services tailored to your requirements.  Our Tailored packages focus on your needs such as budget, marketing, communication, sensitivity and privacy. 


We can scale up or down our Packages and Services to match your budget and advise on the suitable Marketing Packages for getting your best results for your specific property.


We provide several levels of Marketing Packages for your Property and offer further tailoring to suit your needs. 


We love Communication! Let us understand what you like: what kind of information, when you would like it, how often and your preferred method of communication to support your successful Property Sale.

Sensitivity and Privacy

We understand and respect your Privacy, tailoring sales methods and inspections to your needs.
​We provide Sales Services ranging from Private Sales, Private Inspections and Closed Auctions through to Public Open for Inspections and Public Auctions.  

​*See Promotions for further details.​